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Psymon Spine - Jumprope

Based on this incredible number, and an hour or two spent diving headfirst into a YouTube rabbit hole with their other material, Psymon Spine are now officially my favourite band ever (today). 'Jumprope' might have already claimed the crown for the coolest song of the year, even though we've only just hit February. The production here is insanely good. It's as clean as a whistle. Taking simple elements and twisting them into somehow that sounds both raw and polished at the same time, with an absolute dream of a vocal over the top. This is perfect in every way.

Homework #1: Psymon Spine - Modmed /

Homework #2: Psymon Spine - Milk (ft. Barrie) /

Homework #3: Psymon Spine - Yoana /

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