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Psymon Spine - Bored Of Guitar / Wizard Acid

Very near the top of my list of 'bands that everyone should know about', Psymon Spine are back for 2024 with a couple of killer tracks. First, we have 'Bored of Guitar', a fantastic post-punk moment that, contrary to the title, is full of guitars and explodes halfway with such force it will have you bouncing off your bedroom walls. But my favourite has to be 'Wizard Acid'. Coming across as a mixture of Talking Heads and Kraftwerk, this somehow sounds like it's straight out of the 1980s but fresh as fuck at the same time. It's witchcraft, I tell you.

Homework #1 | Psymon Spine - Jumprope /

Homework #2 | Psymon Spine - Modmed /

Homework #3 | Psymon Spine - Jumprope (Love Injection) /

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