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POST & Ghostpoet - Paradise Circus (Fallen Sun Version)

Taken from Netflix's recent 'Luther' movie, this update of 'Paradise Circus' (used as the theme for the TV show in its original form) is the closest thing we are going to get in terms of new music from Massive Attack. Released under Daddy G and production partner Stew Jackson's POST moniker, they've teamed up here with the excellent Ghostpoet to rework this track from their 2010 'Heligoland' album, and the results are spectacular. The switch to a male voice creates something even darker and more menacing, with the strings still making the whole package seem gloriously sinister. Quality, as always.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Massive Attack - Paradise Circus /

Homework #2: Ghostpoet - X Marks The Spot /

Homework #3: Lorne Balfe - Luther's Theme /

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