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I love discovering new artists, and Poppy Ajudha is someone who has very nearly been on the receiving end of words from me several times (her last single, 'HOLIDAY FROM REALITY', is incredible. I'll link it below). She consistently deals with significant social and political issues through her songwriting. Here, the anthemic 'MOTHERS SISTERS GIRLFRIENDS' pushes back on the tropes of family tradition and how women's roles are negatively perceived in culture and society. But as it's crammed full of her spellbinding soul-laden vocals alongside some totally laidback jazz-infused beats, every second feels like having honey poured into your ears.

Homework #1: Poppy Ajudha - HOLIDAY FROM REALITY /

Homework #2: Poppy Ajudha - PLAYGOD /

Homework #3: Poppy Ajudha - DEMONS /

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