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PNAU & Troye Sivan - You Know What I Need

I've said it before, but Troye Sivan isn't exactly the world's most exciting pop star, is he? His songs are 'nice' enough but always missing that extra something to make them essential listening. PNAU are having a good year. So when I saw they had teamed up for this new single, I hoped this would finally be the collaboration to give me what I wanted. But, alas, it is not. There's absolutely nothing here of any substance. It's all so lightweight that it's a miracle it doesn't float away into space. If you're having trouble sleeping, this will 100% help.

Homework #1: Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves - Easy /

Homework #2: PNAU - Chameleon /

Homework #3: Lizzo - 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) (PNAU) /

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