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Pip Blom - Tiger

I threw some words at Dutch band Pip Blom for their excellent single on Heavenly 'Keep It Together' a few years back. It's a cracking tune full of crashing Indie riffs, a chorus so big you could park a bus on it, and even a hint of Petula Clark's 'Downtown' thrown in for good measure. Fast forward to their new track, 'Tiger', which features darker Electro beats and bass replacing most of the guitars. Unexpected? Yes. But it works because the song holding it together is the same high quality as before. A masterclass on how to reinvent your sound.

Homework #1: Pip Blom - Keep It Together /

Homework #2: Pip Blom - Daddy Issues /

Homework #3: Pip Blom - I Know I'm Not Easy To Like /

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