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Pip Blom & Personal Trainer - Kiss Me By The Candlelight

I let out a little scream when I saw that the new Pip Blom single was a hook-up with Personal Trainer. They are easily two of my favourite bands on the planet (if you haven't heard 'Rug Busters' or 'The Lazer' by the latter yet, kindly be on your way and sort that out immediately). Stylistically, 'Kiss Me...' follows from the amazing 'Tiger'. It's dark, brooding, and slightly sinister (all good things). Their vocals blend perfectly, and it's got a hook you could land a plane on. Arguably, the best track from their upcoming album so far. Top stuff.

Homework #1: Pip Blom - Tiger /

Homework #2: Personal Trainer - Rug Busters /

Homework #3: Pip Blom - Keep It Together /

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