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Pip Blom & Alex Kapranos - Is This Love?

Pip Blom have doubled down with their new sound and are back with Alex Kapranos for 'Is This Love?'. Everything that made 'Tiger' so special is still present and correct, but adding the Franz Ferdinand frontman has taken this single to the next level. He brings his trademark funk to proceedings, and the results are dynamite (and beyond moreish). Also, you should watch the video. It feels like the 'You're The One That I Want' sequence from Grease merged with an episode of 'Inside Number 9. Make sure you play this obnoxiously loud and with your windows open. Just brilliant.

Homework #1: Pip Blom - Tiger /

Homework #2: Alex Kapranos & Clara Luciani - Summer... /

Homework #3: Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending /

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