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PinkPantheress ft. WILLOW - Where you are

My absolute favourite thing about PinkPantheress is that she fully understands that a pop song doesn't need to be an overlong magnum opus. You can pack a punch with something that's less than 120 seconds long. Her 'to hell with it' mixtape from last year has ten tracks but clocks in at an ADHD friendly eighteen and a half minutes (side note - it's brilliant, and you should check it out). New single 'Where you are' is immaculate in every way and includes a star turn from the omnipresent WILLOW, further proving why everyone wants to work with her right now.

Homework #1: PinkPantheress - I must apologise /

Homework #2: WILLOW - t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l /

Homework #3: PinkPantheress - Last Valentines /

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