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PinkPantheress - Angel (From Barbie The Album)

I don't know who is in charge of curating the album for the upcoming Barbie movie, but all the tracks I've heard so far have nearly put me to sleep, including 'Angel' from the normally fantastic PinkPantheress. The problem here is that there's usually a bit of a bite to the backing on her singles, which works to balance out her sweet vocals. But there's none of that here. It's sugary from start to finish, complete with a fiddle hook that could have been lifted from any late 90s B*witched single. It's nice enough. But who wants to be nice?

Homework #1: Dua Lipa - Dance The Night /

Homework #2: PinkPantheress & WILLOW - There You Are /

Homework #3: PinkPantheress - I must apologise /

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