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Phonique & Erland Øye - Casualties (YAME Remix)

The Jake Shears rework I posted last week has opened my mind to the wonderful world of YAME, and I've been a permanent resident there ever since. They describe their tracks as 'Happy Techno', which 100% fits. It's some of the cleanest and most uplifting dance music I've heard in years. They are back again on remix duties for Phonique with the legendary Erland Øye on 'Casualties' and its perfection. Every element here complements the next, resulting in a joyous, galloping track that is like Crack to me. This is a strong contender for my tune of the year. Essential.

Homework #1: Phonique - Voltage /

Homework #2: Jake Shears - I Used To Be... (YAME Remix) /

Homework #3: YAME - Little Stars /

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