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Petite Meller - The Drummer

Ah, 2015! Simpler times here in the UK. We were all still basking in the residual glow of the London Olympics, the Brexit vote was just a twinkle in 'Dave' Cameron's eye, and America had a president that wasn't the colour of nuclear strength Sunny Delight. In pop, there was a terrific hyperspeed, piano-driven song called 'Baby Love' by Petite Meller that was probably one of the most exciting things I heard all year. Here we are, seven years later, and she's back with another great single. It's more of the same, but with extra trumpets. What's not to love?

Track Link:

Homework #1: Petite Meller - Baby Love /

Homework #2: Petite Meller - Barbaric /

Homework #3: Petite Meller - Milk Bath /

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