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Perry Farrell - Milky Ave (Sasha Remix)

There was a time, twenty-five or so years ago, the words 'Sasha Remix' printed on a sticker in large font on the front of the 12" sleeve was all you needed to guarantee sales in the thousands. Most people in the know would snap them up without even bothering to listen to it, myself included. Arguably, he still has that power now. Even though his remixes are less frequent, it's sure to be exquisite whenever one does appear. Cue his rework and dub of the new Perry Farrell single, which shimmer and sparkle in all the right places. 100% wonderful.

Homework #1: Perry Farrell - Milk Avenue (Sasha Dub) /

Homework #2: London Grammar - Hey Now (Sasha) /

Homework #2: BT - Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha) /

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