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Paul Weller - Cosmic Fringes (Pet Shop Boys Triad Mix)

This is mad as a box of frogs. Picture this, and Chris and Neil got a bit overexcited one evening and had an all-night early 90s Techno inspired jam session. Completely out of the blue, Paul Weller called them drunk off his face from a phonebox (or maybe the bottom of a well) and ranted down the phone about who fucking knows what while they recorded it and then added it to their track. Saying all that, though, the beats are absolutely banging, and the build is magnificent. But it would have been even better with a different vocal attached.

Homework #1: Paul Weller - Cosmic Fringes /

Homework #2: Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids /

Homework #2: Atomizer - Hooked On Radiation (PSB Mix) /

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