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Patrick Cowley - Primitive World (Hifi Sean Mix)

When Sean Dickson was offered the chance to rework a Patrick Cowley track, he immediately asked for 'Primitive World'. Having used it in his sets for years, mostly as a DJ tool, the opportunity to put his spin on it was too good to miss. You can tell there's a huge amount of love and respect for the source material here because he's turned in something outstanding. An infectious slice of Italo Acid House with so many twists and turns it feels like a two-hour DJ set condensed into six minutes, this is one of the year's best remixes. Incredible.

Homework #1: Patrick Cowley - Primitive World /

Homework #2: Fire Island - Shout To The Top (Hifi Sean) /

Homework #3: Bustin' Loose - Swift Lippin' (Hifi Sean) /


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