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Patrick Cowley - Get A Little / Lift Off (Alan Dixon Remixes)

There's an ever-growing pile of Patrick Cowley remixes that seem to have appeared out of nowhere, and we now have a couple of complete corkers from Alan Dixon to add to it. As usual, he is beyond respectful and never strays too far away from the source material. Both of the reworks here are pure Hi-NRG. Out of the two, I would probably lean towards 'Lift Off'. But unfortunately, his remix hasn't solved what was the track's biggest problem for me. It still sounds like they are shouting 'Linda' instead of the actual title. But you can't have everything, right?

Track Link: (Lift-Off)

Track Link: (Get A Little)

Homework #1: Patrick Cowley - Lift Off /

Homework #2: Patrick Cowley - Get A Little /

Homework #3: First Choice - Love Thang (AD Remix) /

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