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Passenger - Sword From The Stone (Gingerbread Mix)

When you have a massive hit like 'Let Her Go' was back in 2012, it must be a struggle to land that elusive follow-up smash. In the UK, none of Passenger's other singles has cracked the top 40. But this Ed Sheeran rework of 'Sword From The Stone' stands a real chance of changing his luck. If I've got one gripe, it's that they didn't lead with the original. It's a lovely song, written and performed with a gentle touch. This new mix is gimmick laden, including a baffling drum and bass break, and loses a lot of the charm.

Homework #1: Passenger - Sword From The Stone /

Homework #2: Passenger - Whispers /

Homework #3: Passenger - Let Her Go /

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