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Paper Kites ft. Lucy Rose - For All You Give

'Conversation' by Lucy Rose was my favourite song of last year, so anything that she's on is immediately going to get my undivided attention. So it's good news that this collaboration with Australia's 'The Paper Kites' is practically perfect on almost every level. The first track from their upcoming album of duets written with the collaborator in mind, it's a harmonious combination of two fantastic vocalists. Their voices meld into one another with effortless ease, drifting over a delicate and understated guitar line. It's blissful. The whole package comes across as the most gentle and grace-filled lullaby you've ever heard.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Lucy Rose - Conversation /

Homework #2: The Paper Kites - On The Train Ride Home /

Homework #3: The Paper Kites - Paint /

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