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P!nk - Never Gonna Not Dance Again

In a year full of musical surprises, there's none bigger than just how much I fucking adore this new P!nk single. It's a classic pop song, executed perfectly, with a killer hook, and has such a warm and positive feel that it's impossible to resist its charms. Add to that a video which is the visual equivalent of necking ten bottles of anti-depressants, and you're on to a winner. If that all wasn't enough, there's also a moment just before the chorus that sounds like the "aaaah-aaaah-aaaah-aaaah" bit from 'Love Is In The Air', which is never a bad thing.

Track Link:

Homework #1: P!nk - A Million Dreams /

Homework #2: John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air /

Homework #3: Michael Buble - Higher /

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