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Orville Peck - Let Me Drown (Live)

Over the last few years, I've heard many people dismiss Orville Peck as nothing more than a Johnny Cash impersonator hiding behind a mask. But songs like 'Dead of Night' and this scorching new live version of 'Let Me Drown' don't have to do much to prove them all wrong. The first time I listened to this earlier today, it stopped me in my tracks. It's a genuinely heartbreaking song, and the quality of his voice is second to none. Hopefully, this will push him even further towards the mainstream because this man is a motherfucking superstar in waiting. Perfection.

Homework #1: Orville Peck - Dead Of Night /

Homework #2: Trixie Mattel ft. Orville Peck - Jackson /

Homework #3: Orville Peck - Hexie Mountains /

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