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Orbital - Ringa Ringa (The Old Pandemic Folk Song)

There's an Orbital revival happening this year, and I love it. First, we had that incredible hook-up with Sleaford Mods. Now that's been followed up by a collaboration with The Mediæval Bæbes, built around the traditional folk song 'Ring a Ring o' Roses'. Not exactly the subject matter you'd associate with what is a throwback to the late 80s/ Early 90s Rave scene, but it's giving me even more of that classic Orbital sound I've wanted to hear for a long time, so you won't find me complaining. The video is worth a watch, too. It's totally mental (and brilliant).

Homework #1: Orbital & Sleaford Mods - Dirty Rat /

Homework #2: Orbital - The Musk /

Homework #3: Orbital - Funny Break (Plump DJs Remix) /

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