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Nina Simone - Take Care Of Business (Rudimental Remix)

Up until recently, there has only really been one Nina Simone remix that's grabbed my attention (Felix Da Housecat's glorious twist on 'Sinnerman'). However, Verve has just unleashed a brand spanking new wave of reworks, and it's definitely widened my gaze. It's got some solid work from Hot Chip, Riton and HONNE, amongst others. I've settled on the Rudimental take on 'Take Care Of Business' as my pick of the bunch. It respects the vocals and strings that made the original track so fantastic while heading down a slightly darker, Drum & Bass tinged route, and the result is immaculate.

Homework #1: Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat) /

Homework #2: Nina Simone - See-Line Woman (Riton) /

Homework #3: Nina Simone - Be My Husband (Hot Chip) /

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