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Nina Cobham - interested / Too Much

You wait for ages for new music from the fantastic Nina Cobham, and then you get two killers tunes at once. First up is 'interested', which sticks to her Latin-tinged, bilingual neo-soul vibe, and it's great. Perfect for lazing about in the mini heatwave we are currently enjoying here. But it's the second track, 'Too Much,' that's really grabbed my attention. It goes down a deeper, darker, bass-heavy path. It's not a million miles away from that ominous Massive Attack 'Teardrop' era sound. Grab your best headphones, sit back in your comfiest chair, close your eyes and enjoy. Totally gorgeous.

Track Link #1: (interested)

Track Link #2: (Too Much)

Homework #1: Nina Cobham - Sola (Remix) /

Homework #2: Nina Cobham - do you come here often? /

Homework #3: Nina Cobham - lo que pasó /

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