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Nicky Doll - I had a dream

It's always a pleasant surprise when a Drag Race queen releases a tune that's not completely shit. 'I had a dream' from Nicky Doll, the host of the French version of the show, is an effortlessly chic, fun slice of Electro Pop, with some genuinely exciting moments and production that's as clean as a whistle. However, there is one major problem here. They've crow-barred everything into two and a half minutes (thanks again, TikTok). The whole thing is over before it's even started, which is a shame because if they'd given it room to breathe, it would have been perfection.

Homework 1 | Nicky Doll - Attention /

Homework 2 | Adore Delano - I Adore You /

Homework 3 | Trixie Mattel - Blister In The Sun /

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