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Nessa Barrett - dying on the inside

Being human periodically means we doubt everything about ourselves. There isn't a person on this planet who doesn't feel slightly less than special every so often. Some of us just deal with it better than others. Nessa Barrett's brutally honest new single 'dying on the inside' details her own eating disorders. Something that she is suffering with alongside other mental health issues. Musically and lyrically, it's perfect. You can 100% tell that she's poured her heart into this song. There's no skimping on the tune here, either (the chorus is fucking massive). It's emotional, insightful, and sometimes heartbreaking pop music.

Homework #1: Nessa Barrett ft. jxdn - la di die /

Homework #2: Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time /

Homework #3: Sia - Breathe Me /

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