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Myd - Domino

Occasionally, I get hit in the ears by a song so hard that it starts a chain reaction that I am helpless to stop. I immediately send it to as many people as possible, professing my undying love for it and then aggressively declaring that it will be the best thing I hear all year. That's precisely what happened with French House act Myd's exceptional 'Domino' last week. Produced by half of Jungle, it's one of the most unapologetic feel-good tracks I've heard in ages. Make sure you watch the video, too. Your heart will explode (in a good way).

Homework #1: Myd - Domino (Myd Festival Mix) /

Homework #2: Jungle - GOOD TIMES - PROBLEMZ /

Homework #3: Myd ft. JAWNY - The Sun /

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