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Mychelle - Pressure

'Pressure' is one of my favourite songs of the year so far, and I hope it gets the audience it deserves. It's been a week since I discovered it, but it's still giving me insane goosebumps. Mychelle's voice is mind-blowing, with a tone that instantly soothes. The backing is simple and understated, allowing her vocals to shine throughout, and when the gentle beats finally drop about two-thirds of the way into the track, it's game over. Every element here combines perfectly to create something extraordinary, taking me back to 90s neo-soul classics like Jhelisa's 'Friendly Pressure'. Your ears need this.

Homework #1: Mychelle - The Way /

Homework #2: Mychelle ft. ENNY - Forbidden Fruit /

Homework #3: Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure /

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