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Moby ft. Lady Blackbird - Walk With Me (NYC Resound)

Long-time Moby fan here, going as far back as some pretty obscure rave stuff from the early 90s on XL Recordings. He is one of those artists that never rest in one place for too long. He changes his musical style as often as his underpants (possibly). For his latest project, he's reworking some of his old tracks with fresh vocalists and an orchestra. Cue 2009's 'Walk With Me' featuring a stunning re-vocal from Lady Blackbird. It gives the song a much heavier cinematic tone. There aren't enough words on the planet to express just how good this is.

Homework #1: Moby - Walk With Me (2009) /

Homework #2: Lady Blackbird - Woman /

Homework #3: Athletes Of God fr. Lady Blackbird - Fontella /

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