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Millie Turner - Eye Of The Storm (Daði Freyr Remix)

I was already a fan of 'Eye of the Storm', as I mentioned a few weeks ago. But it's even better now thanks to this blinding remix from Iceland's Daði Freyr. Who, let's be honest, everyone knows was going to be the winner of this year's 'Eurovision that Never Was' with the massive 'Think About Things'. Everything that you loved about that track has been applied to Millie's track, and the results are fantastic. The delicate, ethereal approach of the original has been replaced with a thumping beat and an electro bassline. Get ready to head to your happy place. Track Link:

Homework #1: Daði Freyr - Think About Things /

Homework #2: Millie Turner - Eye Of The Storm /

Homework #3: Daði Freyr - Thing About Things (Hot Chip Mix) /

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