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Michelle Ullestad - Maktesløs (Moyka Remiks)

The other day, I was sitting alone thinking about music (major surprise, right?) When I suddenly thought, what has happened to Moyka? She has delivered some of my favourite ethereal bangers over the last few years and has been rather quiet for ages. A quick search led to her recent rework of the excellent 'Maktesløs' by Michelle Ullestad, a name I hadn't come across before, but I am thrilled I have now because this is truly exceptional. If you've not introduced yourself to the, quite frankly, perfect world of Nordic Pop, you're missing out on a load of fantastic stuff.

Homework #1: Michelle Ullestad - Maktesløs /

Homework #2: Moyka - When /

Homework #3: Agnete Saba - Boo /

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