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Melle Brown ft. Annie Mac - Feel About You

Have you seen the late 90s seminal UK clubbing movie 'Human Traffic'? Give it a go if you've ever stepped foot on a dancefloor. It's a full-on, scarily accurate recreation of a drug-fueled weekend. Fast forward to now, and we have an updated five-minute version of that film in musical form with 'Feel About You' from Melle Brown. Annie Mac narrates the night out this time, and her storytelling perfectly compliments the Deep House beats. It brings back happy memories of dancing for hours, hugging complete strangers like I'd known them for years and then sleeping until Tuesday. Good times.

Homework #1: Melle Brown - One More Chance /

Homework #2: Melle Brown - Brown Eyes (Golden) /

Homework #3: Melle Brown - Background Noise /

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