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Matt Rowan - Schwifty / Sanctity

I've been a fan of Matt Rowan for ages. He delivered, alongside the equally phenomenal Jaytech, one of my favourite club tunes of the past twenty years. It's called 'No Tomorrow', and I'll pop a link to it under this review so you can have a bop to it. This superb new doubleheader shows precisely why he is head and shoulders above almost everyone else when it comes to producing beautifully ornate and textured house music. Both tracks are flawless and will leave you with a fuzzy feeling all over. My personal pick is 'Sanctity', but it's a difficult choice.

Track Link: (Schwifty)

Track Link: (Sanctity)

Homework #1: Matt Rowan & Jaytech - No Tomorrow /

Homework #2: Matt Rowan - Gotcha /

Homework #3: Matt Rowan - The HMT /

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