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Mae Muller - I Wrote A Song

Updated: Apr 5

It's Eurovision time, and Mae Muller is the UK's entry for 2023 with 'I Wrote A Song'. After the undeniable return to form that was Sam Ryder last year, whoever took up the mantle would always face an uphill battle to impress the ever-critical ESC fanbase. So will we be gracing the left side of the leaderboard again? Short answer, I'm still trying to figure it out. The track is solid and gets better with each new listen. But I think it's missing that killer punch. Here's to some killer staging and a mountain of goodwill from the other countries.

Homework #1: Mae Muller - I Just Came To Dance /

Homework #2: Sam Ryder - Space Man /

Homework #3: Loreen - Euphoria /

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