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MØ - Spaceman

Babylon Zoo's Spaceman was one of the many songs propelled to the top of the UK charts thanks to inclusion in a Levis advert. I remember everyone being a bit miffed when they finally heard the entire song, and it wasn't just the accelerated vocals. Danish Pop Superstar, MØ, has wisely taken only that chipmunk-esque lyric from the original track, put Max Martin behind the production desk, twisted it a little, and built a corker of a single around it. Even though the hook is over twenty-five years old, everything here still sounds as fresh as a daisy. Good stuff!

Homework #1: Babylon Zoo - Spaceman /

Homework #2: MØ - Punches /

Homework #3: Major Lazer & DJ Snake (ft. MØ) - Lean On /

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