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Lynks - Don't Take It Personal (Apocalypse Version)

Yes, I know! More Lynks! This week sees the release of their second EP 'Smash Hits Vol.2', and they have done what I didn't think was possible. It's even better than the first one. You'll find the insanely good Courtney Barnett cover from last year, which was in my end of the year top ten, and new single 'Everyone's Hot (and I'm not)' here, but the standout is final track 'Don't Take It Personal' which is the best thing they have ever done. Lyrically perfect, it's dirty, driving, electro with a fucking huge chorus. Song of the year (so far).

Homework #1: Lynks - On Trend /

Homework #2: Lynks - Brand New Face /

Homework #3: Lynks - Str8 Acting /

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