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Lynks Afrikka - Smash Hits, Vol. 1

In my house, Electroclash never went away. You'll often find me blasting Christopher Just or Tiga at obnoxious levels out into the skies of Brighton. So this collection of uncompromising industrial pop from Lynks Afrikka is ticking every box for me (and I hope to God they've got cleared his name because I love it). Musically, it's stunning. Transporting me back to many a deranged mid-week session at The Ghetto. But it's the lyrics that carry the package. So clever, so smart. Not a single wasted word anywhere on the whole EP. It's fucked up techno poetry at its best.

Homework #1: Lynks Afrikka - Str8 Acting /

Homework #2: Tiga - Shoes /

Homework #3: Christopher Just - I'm A Disco Dancer /

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