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Love Object - Transparent Woman (Prozrachnaya Zhenschina)

More mindblowing pop music from the untouchable 'Italians Do It Better' imprint. They are spoiling the hell out of us already this year. This new single from Love Object is an absolute beast. It's an unapologetically hi-energy number, and it had me hooked from the second it kicked in. It's Peak 80s Bronski Beat (head to Google if you don't know what I mean by that), complete with the required relentless kick drum and bassline that grabs you by your soft bits and takes you along for the ride whether you want it to or not. What's not to love?

Homework #1: Glüme - Get Low /

Homework #2: Chromatics - You're No Good /

Homework #3: Farah - Rock Show /

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