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Los Bitchos - Tequila

I listen to a considerable amount of songs each week. Something I do because I love new music (in case you haven't already noticed). Unfortunately, I only have limited time to write my words, so I have to focus on the tracks that, to be blunt, grab me by the bollocks and refuse to let go. Today's first song to achieve that feat is this nuclear-powered Rockabilly Surf Punk cover of The Champs 'Tequila' by London band Los Bitchos. Yes, really. I didn't expect it, either. But when it's right, it's right. Open your windows wide and press play.

Homework #1: Los Bitchos - Trapdoor /

Homework #2: The Champs - Tequila /

Homework #3: Los Bitchos - Las Panteras /


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