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LoneLady - (There Is) No Logic (The Other Two Remix)

I've never followed the herd and have always said that my favourite New Order single is 'Tasty Fish' by The Other Two. It's a perfect early nineties moment with one of the finest 'extended' remixes you'll ever hear. When I saw that they had remixed LoneLady's stellar '(There Is) No Logic', one of the best tracks from last year, I let out a little scream. They have delivered a cracking slice of brooding, layered Electronica with just the right amount of Pop where it needs it, full of killer builds. The original is flawless, and this rework isn't far behind.

Homework #1: LoneLady - (There Is) No Logic /

Homework #2: The Other Two - Tasty Fish (Pascal Mix 12") /

Homework #3: New Order - True Faith /

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