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LoneLady - (There Is) No Logic

There aren't that many electronic labels out there that can hold a candle to Warp Records. They've been putting quality artists such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, LFO, and Autechre out into the world for over thirty years now. The musical polymath that is Julie Campbell, AKA LoneLady, has released material on the label since 2009. Her new single '(There Is) No Logic' is class from start to finish. It's a meticulously constructed and groovy as fuck layered electro track that is making me dance like a bastard at my desk. It's also insanely moreish. I cannot stop listening.

Homework #1: Boards Of Canada - Happy Cycling /

Homework #2: LFO - LFO /

Homework #3: Circle City - Moments of Inertia /

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