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Little Simz - Gorilla

2022 has been stellar for Little Simz, and deservedly so. She's given us some fantastic music and bagged a Mercury Prize, and her new album dropped last week and includes the huge 'Gorilla'. To say that this track is massive is an understatement. Produced by Inflo from SAULT and built around beats and bass that remind me of old-school Tribe Called Quest tracks, Simz delivers a relaxed but powerful rap surrounded by intense horn and string samples, and the result is magic. The way it builds is beyond perfection. By the time you reach the end, you'll be screaming. Incredible.

Homework #1: Little Simz ft. Cleo Sol - Woman /

Homework #2: Little Simz - NO THANK YOU /

Homework #3: Little Simz - Offence /

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