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LF System - Afraid To Feel (Original & Gerd Janson Remix)

A bit late with this one because of moving house. When it started, I thought we were in for something like 'Remember Me' by Blueboy. All laidback funk, breaks and soul vocals. But just as you sit back and get comfortable, It buries a hook directly into your belly button, yanking you forward, turning the whole thing into an absolute monster of a Disco House track. It pulls off that same trick three times within three minutes without sounding tired. It's witchcraft. There's also a massive 80s synth remix from Gerd Janson that is absolutely rocking my world. Fucking huge.

Track Link: (Original)

Track Link: (Gerd Janson Remix)

Homework #1: Silk - I Can't Stop (Turning You On) /

Homework #2: Blueboy - Remember Me /

Homework #3: M&S Pres. Girl Next Door - Salsoul Nugget /

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