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Lewis Capaldi - Forget Me

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I've got a soft spot for Lewis Capaldi. His tongue is planted firmly in his cheek whenever he opens his mouth (note to self, is that even anatomically possible?). Although, he's recently been diagnosed with Tourette's, which could explain the lack of filter. He has a fine pair of lungs and clearly knows his way around a tune. But he also has a tone to his voice that's missing from many of the other 'troubadours' out there. A raw vibe that packs an emotional punch. 'Forget Me' is a decent song. Ironically forgettable, for sure. But I quite like it.

Homework #1: Lewis Capaldi - Bruises /

Homework #2: Lewis Capaldi - Grace /

Homework #3: Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go /

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