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Let's Eat Grandma - Levitation

Cast your mind back to the blog at the beginning of 2022 (because I know you were paying attention). Let's Eat Grandma released a song called 'Happy New Year' that was a bit too full-on in places for these seasoned ears. But I did make a point of saying that more chilled out moments of the track were sublime. Here we are three months later, and someone must have given them my notes. Their next single, 'Levitation,' is four minutes of those blissful quieter parts masterfully put together to create something heavenly. This is Electro-Pop Perfection from start to finish.

Homework #1: Let's Eat Grandma - Happy New Year /

Homework #2: Let's Eat Grandma - It's Not Just Me /

Homework #3: Let's Eat Grandma - Hall Of Mirrors /

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