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Lena Hessels - dance!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

It's only been a heartbeat since Lena Hessels released one of the most infectious tracks of the year, 'the car'. (Catch up below if needed. It's incredible), but she is already back with a new track, 'dance!', which is just as perfect. Hessels' songs are full of uplifting vibes, crystal-clear vocals and hooks for days (I'm obsessed with all the layering, too). This is precisely the kind of heavenly Pop music I have always loved, and I'll happily climb to the top of the tallest building I can find and start screaming to ensure everyone knows about this song.

Homework #1: Lena Hessels - the car /

Homework #2: Pip Blom - Tiger /

Homework #3: Personal Trainer - Rug Busters (Riptide) /

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