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Leftfield - Pulse

Thanks to my ADHD, albums just aren't my thing. I can count the number I have reached the end of in a single sitting on one hand. Leftfield's seminal 90s dance album 'Leftism' came close, but my brain always shuts down before the last track. To be fair, I think it's probably exhausted after 'Open Up'. This cracking new tune, 'Pulse', feels like a combination of their own monster 'Phat Planet' and the Timo Maas remix of 'Dooms Night' by Azzido Da Bass. It's a heady mix with some seriously huge balls, and I am happy to have them back.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Leftfield - Phat Planet /

Homework #2: Leftfield - Space Shanty /

Homework #2: Leftfield - Cut For Life /

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