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Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story (vs Finally) (Paul Woolford Mix)

Layo & Bushwacka's 'Love Story' is a masterpiece, and the bootleg that came after with the Kings of Tomorrow vocal set over the top that this remix has been based on will always be iconic. So a celebration for its 20th anniversary seems right. But if you're going to mark an occasion like that, you really need to do more than add a chunky beat, a bit of extra percussion, and muffle almost everything from the original except the vocals. Which is what has happened here. It's OK, but it feels too basic a rework for such perfect source material.

Homework #1: Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story /

Homework #2: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Bushwacka! Mix)

Homework #3: Alison Goldfrapp & Paul Woolford - Fever /

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