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Lava La Rue - Renegade

Writing about Lava La Rue is an easy task because their work is always of such high quality, and 'Renegade' is no exception. The track begins with a relaxing beat and vocal, and then the most epic guitar riff comes in, followed by a crash of drums and a hook that is delivered with so much power it might give you a nosebleed. It's worth noting that they recently signed to Dirty Hit (home of The 1975, Pale Waves and Rina Sawayama), so the future looks very bright for them. The whole world needs to know about Lava La Rue.

Homework #1: Lava La Rue - Magpie /

Homework #2: Lava La Rue - Vest & Boxers /

Homework #3: Lava La Rue - Don't Come Back /

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