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Lava La Rue ft. Biig Piig - Hi-Fidelity

I got insane tingles from head to toe when I woke up this morning and found out that two of my favourites had collaborated on this new track. Neither of them has ever put a foot wrong, in my eyes. So it stands to reason that they should be unstoppable together, right? The answer is a resounding yes because 'Hi-Fidelity' is heavenly. As laidback and melodic a tune as you'd expect from the pair, something about it seems elevated. It comes across as an ultra-modern version of 'Free' by Deniece Williams, but with that unique West London NiNE8 Collective twist.

Homework #1: Lava La Rue - Magpie /

Homework #2: Biig Piig - Don't Turn Around /

Homework #3: NiNE8 - IMAGINATION /

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