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Laidback Luke & Mutya Buena - All I Own

When it comes to Pop, two words guaranteed to grab my attention are 'Mutya Buena'. Aside from being an OG Sugababe, she's collaborated with the likes of Groove Armada and the late George Michael, and now we have this hook-up with Laidback Luke. He's followed the trend of taking his sound into a more commercial space, but I'll forever remember him for

his rework of 'The Stalker' with Green Velvet (a track designed to unnerve small children). But I can't complain about his new 'fluffier' direction because it's a decent enough tune, and Mutya's vocals are the MVP, as always.

Homework #1: Green Velvet - The Stalker (Laidback Luke) /

Homework #2: George M & Mutya B / This Is Not... (Remix) /

Homework #3: Groove Armada & Mutya - Song 4 Mutya /

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